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(no subject) [Aug. 29th, 2004|11:59 pm]
j to the izzo
new username, i'm sick of this one. re-add me

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the most restless person ever [Aug. 22nd, 2004|07:11 pm]
j to the izzo
A1t Ema: wanna wath kumar
A1t Ema: at westpart
matchstickchild: wath wha
matchstickchild: what time?
A1t Ema: westpark
A1t Ema: 9:30
matchstickchild: yeah i think
A1t Ema: we plan to meet at 9:10 ish
matchstickchild: i can
matchstickchild: yeah
A1t Ema: ok sure call me if you can't go
A1t Ema: kk hf!
matchstickchild: k
matchstickchild: cya
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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2004|06:55 pm]
j to the izzo
you do not know pain until you are forced to sit through the YUGIOH movie with 3 rowdy asian kids.
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I was drowning in my thoughts today [Aug. 19th, 2004|03:29 am]
j to the izzo
I want more than anything else, to lead a beautiful life. I never realized how much I loved art in all its forms until I finally figured out what I wanted to do with my life. I still haven't decided on what major, what career, or anything like that, but I do know that whatever I do, I want my life to be a work of art.

The end.
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i have no life [Aug. 17th, 2004|01:45 am]
j to the izzo
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]


^ a sad little story i "wrote" about doing designated chores, complete with interestingly stupid pictures. i would post it up on livejournal, but freewebs doesn't allow off-site pictar linkage. muchos suckos.
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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2004|12:40 am]
j to the izzo
I think it's finally hit me...I AM A COLLEGE STUDENT. It kind of sucks.
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NINJA PHOTOGRAPHER [Aug. 7th, 2004|03:40 am]
j to the izzo
asians are agile...therefore, we are skilled photographers.

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the sad taquito story [Aug. 7th, 2004|03:09 am]
j to the izzo
one day...CJ wanted donuts. nobody else did. so he had to settle for taquitos.
note the sadness in the taquitos

he forgot about donuts while he was eating his taquitos. then he got sad again because his batch of taquitos was almost gone...
 note the sadness in the handwriting and taquitos
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bored, but new cellphone [Aug. 4th, 2004|07:30 pm]
j to the izzo
[mood |contentcontent]

yay i got a new cell phone-- i get unlimited night minutes, cingular nationwide free service, and a laser gun. i have no idea what the hell i get but it's damn cool. my ringtone screams "victory!" yay. my phone number is still 949 293 1137, so i don't know if that's going to change when i go to chicago or what.
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(no subject) [Aug. 1st, 2004|11:40 pm]
j to the izzo
You are a t-shirt made of threads of lies!!!
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